Create Beautiful QR Code

We see QR code on bus, train, shopping malls ..
.. How often are you attracted to scan them?
M.C.S.Y. bring you an easy way to create beautiful QR Codes using any picture of your choice.

Aesthetic QR Code

Company Logo

Customer knows your company before they scan and enter your site.

Aesthetic QR Code

Clear Picture

Our Aesthetic QR Code Generator avoids important area being covered.

Aesthetic QR Code

Quick and Easy

All you need is a picture of your choice and a few minutes of your time.

Aesthetic QR Code

Direct to Your Site

The QR Code contains your exact URL. No bypass to other site.

4 Pricing Plans

Affordable plans to suit your business need.

Aesthetic QR Code is Easy to Create

Try our Aesthetic QR Code Generator. Use a picture of your choice. You will find out it's easy to create a QR code that is visually pleasing.