This Policy sets out the manner in which MCSY collects, uses, manages and protects Personal Data (as defined below) in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.
This Policy applies to all Individuals (as defined below) who provide M.C.S.Y. Pte ltd ("MCSY") with Personal Data or visit its website or whose Personal Data is otherwise collected, used and/or disclosed by MCSY in connection with and/or for the purposes of its operations.


"Individuals" means natural persons, whether living or deceased, and "Individual" means any of them;
"PDPA" means the Personal Data Protection Act 2012;
"Personal Data" means any data about an Individual who can be identified from that data, such as name, NRIC, passport number, telephone number, address, email address, credit card number, bank account and any other information relating to individuals, which has been provided to MCSY;
"Users" mean registered users of MCSY's services from time to time;
"Visitors" mean visitors to MCSY's website from time to time.

Purposes for which MCSY may collect, use and/or disclose Personal Data

Generally, MCSY may collect, use and/or disclose Personal Data about an Individual for one or more of the following purposes:


(a) administering and managing MCSY's relationships with its Users, including the provision of services by MCYS to its Users; and
(b) providing Users with information about the services, facilities and/or other benefits or promotions being offered or made available by MCSY from time to time.

General Business Purposes

(a) managing the administrative and business operations of MCSY, including accounting or auditing purposes and responding to complaints, queries and/or requests;
(b) conducting market research for statistical profiling and other purposes in order to improve MCSY's services;
(c) safety and security purposes, including preventing, detecting or investigating any actual or threatened crime, fraud, misconduct, unlawful action, breach or dispute;
(d) legal purposes, including but not limited to obtaining legal advice and dispute resolution and compliance with any laws, regulations, codes or guidelines applicable to MCSY.

Related Purposes

(e) any purposes reasonably related or ancillary to any of the abovementioned purposes, including transmission of Personal Data to third parties engaged by or working in collaboration with MCSY to facilitate any of the above-mentioned purposes.

Purposes for which specific consent is obtained

(a) any other purposes for which an Individual's consent has been specifically given or obtained.



Disclosure of Personal Data

Any Personal Data held by MCSY shall be kept confidential at all times. In order to carry out any of the purposes listed above, MCSY may, from time to time, share such Personal Data with MCSY's related corporations and third party affiliates or service providers, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, in line with the stated purposes. When doing so, MCSY will take all reasonable steps to ensure that such related corporations and third party service providers agree to keep any Personal Data disclosed to them strictly confidential and secure and to also comply with the terms of this Policy.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that the Website can send to a Visitor's browser, which may then store the cookie on the Visitor's system. MCSY uses cookies in the Website to collect information about the Visitors of our Website (for example Visitors' preference and record session information) and the information MCSY collects is used for General Business Purposes (as elaborated above).

In so far as MCSY uses cookies, a Visitor may disable such use of cookies on his or her internet browser when accessing MCSY's website. Please note, however, that doing so may result in a loss or impairment of the functionality of MCSY's website in relation to such Visitors, for which MCSY shall not be liable.

Withdrawal of Consent

Any Individual may withdraw his/her consent to any use or disclosure of his/her Personal Data by MCSY by notifying MCSY (as per the Contact Details below). MCSY may require up to 3 weeks from the date of the Individual's notification to respond and effect any change.

Depending on the extent to which an Individual withdraws consent to any or all use or disclosure of his or her Personal Data by MCSY, such withdrawal of consent may result in MCSY's inability to provide services to the Individual and may be considered as a termination by the Individual of any agreement between MCSY and the Individual. MCSY's legal rights and remedies are expressly reserved in such event.

Accuracy of Information & Notification of Changes

As MCSY relies on the Personal Data, the Individual shall ensure that at all times the informative provided to MCSY is correct accurate and complete, and shall be updated in a timely manner in the event of any change.

MCSY shall not be held liable for any inability on its part to provide services to an Individual who fails to ensure that his/her Personal Data submitted to MCSY is complete and accurate or who fails to notify MCSY of any relevant changes to such Personal Data.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

Any Individual who:
(a) has questions or feedback relating to this Policy;
(b) would like to obtain access to his/her Personal Data held by MCSY;
(c) would like to obtain information about the ways in which his/her Personal Data held by MCSY has been or may have been used or disclosed by MCSY in the year preceding the request; and/or
(d) would like to update or make corrections to his/her Personal Data held by MCSY,

should contact MCSY (as per the Contact Details section below).

The PDPA allows and MCSY reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the handling and/or processing of access requests by an Individual pursuant to paragraphs (b) or (c) above. MCSY may require up to 3 weeks from the date of the Individual's request to respond and effect any change.

Contact Details

All communication to MCSY should be addressed to the Director at

Governing Law

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Policy including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by the Courts of Singapore.