Generate Aesthetic QR Code (Trial)

In this page, you can try our Aesthetic QR Code Generator using your choice of image/photo as many times as you wish.
Creating Aesthetic QR Code is a simple-3-step process.

Step 1   Specify QR Code Content

Your QR code can be the link to your website, your email address or any other content you may wish.
For the free trial, the content of the QR code is a link to our website.

Case sensitive means that uppercase and lowercase letters in your content matter. They cannot be changed.

Step 2   Upload Image

Please select an image that you want for your QR code.
The maximum image size is 5MB. We recommend that the photo be at least 300px x 300px in order for us to retain the image quality.

For larger image/photo size, please contact us.

The bigger the image size, the longer it takes to process and upload the image.

Step 3   Adjust Image Settings

Our Aesthetic QR Code Generator allows you to change the default settings. These settings control the quality of the image/photo embedded in the QR Code and the robustness (i.e. strength) of QR Code.

A better image quality may compromise the robustness of QR code.
less more

Use this to specify how importance is the focus areas.

less more

Use this to specify the robustness of QR Code.

Step 4 Specify Focus Areas

Click on the image/photo to indicate focus area. Our Aesthetic QR Code Generator will shift the dots away from the focus area as much as possible.

Please do not change the Robustness and Importance settings after you have specified the focus area.

        Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust the radius of focus area.